Gallery of Winning Entries 2018


1st Prize

“Winston Young One” by Andy Quilty

2nd Prize

‘Banksia’ by Karen Frankel

Indigenous Prize

‘Maar Keyen’ by Kim Stanley

Homegrown (2x)

‘Fallen Eucalypt in Spinifex Country’ by Lesley Meaney

Homegrown (2x)

‘Beach Tide’ by Sam Broadhurst

Emerging Talent

‘Plum Bay’ by Dorothy Davies

People’s Choice

‘Two Aussie Kids’ by Alicia Gorey

Students’ Choice

‘The Snarl’ by Philip Ivey

Highly Commended

‘Suspended Sentence’ by Peter  Zappa

Highly Commended

‘Alfred Cortot’ by Donovan Fisher

Highly Commended

‘Mother and Child’ by Simon Hemsley

Highly Commended

‘Dusty Sunset’ by Matthew Thorley

 1st150AndyQuiltyWinston (Young One)Graphite on Arches paper$4,000



BanksiasMixed Media$3,500
 Indigenous Art176KimStanleyMaar KeyenSculpture$2,000
 Homegrown126LesleyMeaneyFallen Eucalypt in Spinifex CountryAcrylic$3,500
 Homegrown019SamBroadhurstBeach TideOil$950
 Emerging Talent047DorothyDaviesPlum BayOil$2,000
 Highly Commended213PeterZappaSuspended SentenceSculpture$4,500
 Highly Commended067DonovanFisherAlfred CortotOil$1,350
 Highly Commended084SimonHemsleyMother and ChildOther$2,500
 Highly Commended185MatthewThorleyDusty Sunset Acrylic on board, perspex, film$750
 People’s Choice Alicia Gorey Two Aussie Kids Oil on canvasSOLD
 Students’ Choice 90Phillip Ivey The Snarl Opaque and transparent inks $2,750


 1st $8,000, sponsored by Vasse Development /Hanson & Bendigo Bank Busselton
 2nd $2,000, sponsored by Vasse Development/Hanson & Bendigo Bank Busselton
Art Prize
 $2,000, sponsored by Leeuwin Civil
 Homegrown (postcodes 6280-6290) $500 each, sponsored by Professionals Busselton and Seaman Family Trust
 Highly Commended $250 each, sponsored by Brad Nugent Psychology
 Emerging Talent $500, sponsored by Seaman Family Trust
 People’s Choice $1,000, sponsored by the Seaman Family Trust
 Student’s Choice $200, sponsored by M&MJ Construction

 1st204Mary-LynneStrattonNorth West BushlandOil on canvas$3,700
 2nd169AndyQuiltyBig BoyBallpoint pen, aerosol, charcoal and enamel on Archers Paper$3,800
 3rd39WandaComrieFiddle with itOil on Canvas$2,350
 H.G.51CateEdwardschariot in red and blueink and acrylic on paper$1,200
 H.G.66KayGibsonMarsupial MeetingGoauche and fumage on embossed map$3,500
 E.T. U25’s144KirstyMouttetJust Keep SwimmingScratchboard$6,800
 H.C.11ChristineBlowfieldLight StrikeAcrylic$3,496
 H.C.102RhodaKirkLux NovaOil on Gesso Board$850
 H.C.120SuzanneLogueWalking the coastacrylic$1,250
 H.C.130StevenMakseGoing CoastalOil on board$550
 S.C.72JuliaHarwoodPainted OceanPhotography on Acrylic$595
 S.C.194KerrySiblyUdderwiseAcrylic on canvas$3,000
 P.C.144KirstyMouttetJust Keep SwimmingScratchboard$6,800
 1stFirst Prize Award Winner $8,000 Sponsored by Vasse Development /Hanson Property & Bendigo Bank + $4000 Scoop Advertising
 2ndSecond Prize Award Winner $2,000 Sponsored by Vasse Development/Hanson Property & Bendigo Bank
 3rdThird Prize $1,000 Sponsored by the Seaman Family
 H.G.Home Grown (postcodes 6280-6290) 2 x $500 Sponsored by Amelia Park
 H.C.Highly Commended Award 4 x $250 Sponsored by the Busselton Dunsborough Mail Newspaper
 E.T.Emerging Talent (Under 25 years) $500 sponsored by Amelia Park
 S.C.Student’s Choice Award Winner $200 Sponsored by M&MJ Construction
 P.C.People’s Choice Award Winner $1,000 Sponsored by the Seaman Family

 1st192LesleyMeaneyReason, Rhythm and RhymeAcrylic$6,600
 2nd335MardiWestMoving my castle Erdene to MongoliaPencil, Acrylic & Ink on cotton rag paper$2,800
 S.A.238AndyQuiltyThe Factory #1 – Self portraitEtching on rag paper$500
 H.C.103JaquiGarrett BrownBoodjidup Creek Aftermath – 2011 FiresAcrylic on board$3,500
 H.C.241VaughanRansleyHonest John’sAcrylic$1,200
 H.C.352ChristopherYoungSix #108Lightjet Print$1,420
 S.C.292AdamStanleyMeelupAcrylic on Canvas$5,000
 P.C.7WarayuteBannateeThe Mobile Man 2Oil on canvas$4,000
 1stFirst Prize Award Winner $10,000 Sponsored by Vasse Development & Hanson Property
 2ndSecond Prize Award Winner $2,000 Sponsored by Vasse Development & Hanson Property
 S.A.Small Art <60x80cm> Award Winner $1,000 Sponsored by the Hon. P. L. Seaman Bequest
 H.C.Highly Commended Award $250 Sponsored by the Hon. P. L. Seaman Beques
 S.C.Student’s Choice Award Winner $250 Sponsored by Brian Devereux
 P.C.People’s Choice Award Winner $1,000 Sponsored by Amelia Park

 1st59ChristianFletcherAerial AbstractPhotography$1,990
 2nd183AndyQuiltyJimblah 2013 (James Albert)Ballpoint Pen, aerosol and enamel on Archers Paper$5,000
 H.C.44IanDickinsonYalgoo Race DayOil$3,200
 H.C.153TomMontgomeryPindan PeoplePindan earth from the Kimberley, brush fire charcoal and graphite$2,680
 H.C.198MurrayRynvisSurpuuls to IndustrySculpture – Steel on timber$880
 H.C.206KarenSeamanCutural Heritage and other LegislationOil and Collage on marine ply$1,850
 H.C.213MitziSmithBeachedMixed Media$680
 H.C.229CarolThompsonMisty MorningAcrylic on Linen$990
 P.C.129SuzanneLogueCoastal WalkAcrylic$1,250
 1stFirst Prize Award Winner
 2ndSecond Prize Award Winner
 H.C.Highly Commended Award
 P.C.People’s Choice Award

 1st12ChristineBlowfieldGum Flowers & FriendsAcrylic$1,275
 2nd48KerryDarnellA Visit Down SouthMixed Media$160
 H.C.29BenCloseCognitive DissonanceMixed Media$2,950
 H.C.56TrishDurhamLove where you liveMixed Media$1,200
 H.C.110JosieKunoth KemarreSugar Bag StoryAcrylic on Linen$10,250
 H.C.111CarolKempWhat is the solution to diebackMixed Media$1,950
 H.C.124RoslynLeeThe Old Busselton JettyAcrylic Canvas$520
 P.C.89JamesHorsleyBloomin BeautifulMild Steel$1,700
 1stFirst Prize Award Winner
 2ndSecond Prize Award Winner
 H.C.Highly Commended Award
 P.C.People’s Choice Award