Vasse is the fastest growing suburb in Busselton and since the first lots of land were sold in 2004, Vasse has been highly regarded for its strong sense of community and enviable lifestyle. The new Vasse Village being developed at the intersection of Bussell Highway and Northerley Street is creating an exciting new attraction and meeting place for some 2,000 residents.

The Vasse Development has an extensive history of actively supporting the local community through sponsorship and the Vasse Development Partners are proud to continue their long-standing support of the Vasse Art Awards.


Geographe Bay Community Enterprises Ltd and the Busselton & Dunsborough Community Bank ® branches Community Investment Program

Our Vision is to be the first choice in financial services for our local community and the organisations we partner with.

Our branches are here, our board and staff are from here and we all want the best for our families and the beautiful place we call home. We have a strong emotional attachment to our community and are very proud to be able to contribute to the success, sustainability and resilience of our local communities through engagement, innovation and partnerships that fit our business ideals.

We look for sponsorship opportunities that are mutually beneficial. The funds we are able to distribute back to the local community relate directly to the success of our banking business. We aim to attract new business from our sponsorships so as our banking business grows, we can in turn do more for our community.

Our big difference is that the majority of our profits stay right here, in the City of Busselton.



We thank all our sponsors for their generous support in 2018