VAA2020 Artist: Diana Neggo

Vaa2020 Artist: Diana Neggo 1


Diana Neggo’s artistic journey is very much a product of her full and varied life. Throughout her life she has developed a strong connection with both land and sea and it’s these elemental forces that are the catalyst for her art work. Whether it’s a striking landscape or a contemplative still life, Diana’s art speaks of a celebration of life, colour and nature.

Diana is inspired by the contrasts and variety she sees in nature. Shifts between light and dark and the endless choice of colour and texture become the starting point for her artistic expression. A meandering path or the glimpse of a partially obscured vista awakens this adventurer to the possibilities of where it might lead.
Nothing is more tempting than following a path to…..who knows where.

Diana is currently enjoying life on a small orchard property in Ferguson Valley and working on her art from her converted dental van studio.

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