VAA2020 Artist: Paula Wiegmink

Vaa2020 Artist: Paula Wiegmink 1

Paula Wiegmink

Zimbabwe born artist Paula Wiegmink migrated from Africa in 1994 with her husband and two of her children. She lived in Perth for 22 years before relocating to Dunsborough, Western Australia 6 years ago.
Paula has a keen interest in the preservation of the natural environment and a passion for wildlife with a special interest in endangered species.

In 2009, Paula launched her first book titled, ‘Footsteps in Time’ a family journey from 1709 up to the year 2009. Over a 5 year period, Paula returned to Africa where her research took her on an incredible journey of discovery. The book launch coincided with her first major solo art exhibition,’The Winds of Change’.

From the year 2015, the image of her painting ‘Tears of the rhino’ is the ongoing face of a global poster awareness campaign for endangered species,’One. Fight. Unite. Say No’ which was launched in London,UK. The poster has been signed by high profile celebrities from all over the world including Sir David Attenborough and Dr Jane Goodall.

Paula hopes to create awareness and draw attention to the fragility of the natural world by expressing her passion for life through the images she creates. Using multi-layering techniques in various mediums, styles and subjects, she enjoys experimenting with texture and colour. She is happiest when surrounded by nature doing what she loves.

Her work is exhibited internationally and is represented in private and corporate collections in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Portugal, America, Canada, England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Hong Kong, Holland, Germany and Australia.